How to recover template files

When Pano2VR opens, it does a quick check to make sure all folders containing resources are in the right place. So removing a folder will force a new folder to be created. This does not, however, work with individual files. If the templates are missing, do the following:

  1. In Pano2VR, go to the Files tab in the Preferences/Settings.
  2. Right click on top of the Template Directory text box to find it on your computer.
    This will open, Pano2VR > HtmlTemplates, with the templates missing.
  3. Rename the template folder to: old_HtmlTemplates.
    With the Pano2VR folder still open you can close Pano2VR and then reopen it. A new HtmlTemplates folder will be created with all shipped templates.

◊ TIP: This also works for the Skins folder.

◊ NOTE: This will not recover any custom skins! We recommend either using a separate location for custom skins or keeping a back up of them handy.