Apple Devices and Sound

In iOS, auto-starting of sound is not allowed. Therefore, all sounds must be started manually. 

When there are multiple sounds in a panorama or project, starting a new sound will pause the currently playing sound. This means that when the user returns to the previous playing sound, it will continue from its last position.

The following guidelines will let you play different sounds if needed in each panorama. This can useful for narration or just to play background music.

  • To immediately start sound in an opening panorama, use a splash screen giving users some information about the panorama and/or how to navigate. Add a play action to the splash screen close button to start the sound.
  • Use hotspot proxies linked to containers. Have a container for each node of the tour and have them scaled to 0/0. Each container can have an action to stop and then play sound, causing returning sounds to play from the start:
Source = Mouse Down, Action = Stop Media, Target = xxx.mp3
Source = Mouse Click, Action = Play Media, Target = xxx.mp3

You can use a regular expression in the Target field to stop any sound from playing:
sound_.* will stop all sounds as long as the sounds have ID’s similar to this: sound_pano1, sound_pano2 etc.

◊  NOTE: Object2VR does not support sound in the HTML5 output at this time.

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