What’s New in Pano2VR 7.1 beta

2024-04-24 17:00 CEST

Pano2VR 7.1 gets Morph Transitions and generative mage patches, but there is also much more! We also show you how to collaborate live with your co-workers or clients, new actions added to the Skin Editor, updates to the VR output, and more. 

One of the new actions is Change Margin. This lets you move the skin margins through skin actions. Martin built a nice example for this webinar and has now shared it on our forum so you can learn how to build a similar skin.

00:00:40 – Morph Transitions
00:01:24 – Tricks to improve the morph transition
00:03:49 – Setting the node thumbnail image
00:05:49 – Generative Image Patches
00:15:46 – Patch Image Mask

00:23:47 – Generative Patch with Master Node
00:26:32 – Updates to the Integrated Web Server
00:28:53 – Client Collaboration with ngrok

00:43:28 – webp as output image format
00:45:54 – Standard Tags
00:49:24 – Resizing Pinned Images
00:52:17 – Hand Tracking in VR
00:55:52 – Exit VR and VR Menu Buttons

01:04:26 – Working with the Safe Area on mobile devices
01:09:57 – Inherit Cursor
01:10:50 – Actions Organized
01:11:35 – Player Settings Actions
01:12:47 – Change Margins