Pano2VR 7 beta | Logic Blocks and Embedded Fonts

2022-11-23 17:00 CET

In beta 5 and 6 of Pano2VR 7, we added a way to embed local files in the skin and an additive mode to the logic blocks. Embedding local files into the skin lets you add fonts (and other files) that stay local.

This is especially useful for those who want to use something like Google Fonts but need to use them offline or locally. In this webinar, you learn how to embed Google Fonts to your skin. The additive mode in the logic block will evaluate every expression, and if any are true, their values will be added to or subtracted from the element’s default value.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to show and hide buttons in a controller and have the controller expand or shrink based on the number of buttons. And all of this will be done without using Skin Actions.



00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:43 – Embedding Fonts
00:01:42 – Getting Google Fonts
00:02:06 –
00:02:42 – Getting the CSS code for the font
00:04:54 – Getting the Fonts into the Skin
00:09:49 – Applying the fonts to skin elements
00:12:20 – Tip: Select “Live Update on Save Only”
00:15:30 – Q&A
00:17:01 – Quick Recap
00:21:16 – Why use WOFF2 and not WOFF?
00:23:50 – Making it global – Adding to the Embedded Stylesheet
00:26:35 – Q&A
00:27:46 – Tip: font family vs. CSS class capitalization
00:28:49 – Q&A (more Font questions)
00:33:23 – Additive and Absolute Logic Block Modes
00:39:11 – Adding Additive Logic Blocks
00:43:14 – Q&A
00:53:11 – Exposing Variables
00:55:57 – Auto-detect if project has a Map
01:00:49 – Logic Block detecting iOS for Fullscreen
01:03:35 – Q&A and Wrap Up

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