Embedding Content in Pano2VR Projects

2020-11-25 17:00 CET

When you’re building a tour, you may find that you need to embed various content within a node, like images, videos, websites, etc. So, in this webinar, Martin is going to show you how to embed image galleries, websites, and even interactive objectVRs from Object2VR.

This webinar is highly recommended for anyone trying to embed image galleries as you’ll learn a new technique for embedding them into your projects.

Project Files


Time Stamps

Time stamps are listed below and also visible if you watch at YouTube or Vimeo.

0:00:00 – Intro

0:00:54 – Begin: Embedding 360 Objects

0:06:55 – Pinning the 360 object to the panorama

0:09:09 – Q&A

0:13:20 – Embedding Image Galleries

0:20:16 – Building a gallery skin

0:34:07 – Q&A

0:41:21 – Showing borders of flat images

0:44:29 – Adding the gallery project to the tour project

0:59:04 – Adding multiple galleries

0:59:55 – Q&A

1:11:58 – Opening different galleries in different nodes

1:19:23 – Q&A

1:21:38 – Embedding websites

1:27:56 – Q&A