Build Client Maintainable Virtual Tours

2024-04-17 17:00 CEST

We teamed up with Perspektiva 360 to bring you this webinar you’ll learn how to enhance virtual tours by developing a tool in Pano2VR to build client maintainable tours under the expert guidance of Juan Camilo Infante, Co-Founder & Product Manager of Perspektiva 360.

Discover how to leverage Pano2VR’s powerful Code Element to create a simple yet innovative tool that enables easy editing and updating of media in virtual tours without the need to repeat the export and publication process each time.

From creating variables to integrating with external tools like Sheety and Google Sheets, the audience will learn key steps to streamline projects and add significant value for their clients.


Files and examples used in the webinar are found over at Perspektiva 360.