Goodbye, 2020.

What can we say? 2020 was like no other year in our lifetimes, right? Although it may have been a taxing year, we experienced the pandemic together.  Not only did we build 360 objects and panoramas together, but we also experienced lockdowns and quarantines together. This was most apparent during our live webinars.

2020 also seemed like a long year. So long that I almost forgot that before the pandemic took hold, we moved offices in January and launched a new website and a new logo designed by phospho in March.


Then, while we were all working from home during the lockdown, we started weekly webinars. We had wanted to do this for many years but this year just happened to be the perfect year to start them. Every webinar is live, but they are recorded for later watching. If you haven’t watched any yet, you might want to start. Martin, our in-house guru, shows so many tricks (that may or may not be found in the documentation, forum, or Facebook group) and explains step by step how to do many projects. 

Our most popular webinars are our Pano2VR 101 series. These are good for those just starting out with Pano2VR and seasoned users alike. 

We are currently doing webinars every other week. However, we are taking a break over the holidays. Our next webinar will be on January 13th and it will cover building professional skins. You can register here.

Lots of updates

We squashed a lot of bugs in Pano2VR version 6, but we also added new features. We added several skin components, including Google Analytics and Text to Speech (in the Components Toolbox). You’ll find a few new placeholders, and for our Panotour users, we added the ability to import cubic and flat images from Panotour pro projects. 

What we’ve got on the horizon

For 2021, we will continue the biweekly webinars. We are also working on a few other projects that we know you’ll like that we will have ready in 2021.

From all of us here at Garden Gnome, we wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season!

The Garden Gnome Team