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More Webinars

We’ve been holding weekly webinars now since March, and the response has been more positive and successful then we could foresee. 

Therefore, we’re happy to bring in Thomas Bredenfeld to host a 2-part webinar for those who are or planning to switch from Pantour Pro to Pano2VR pro. His webinars will take place on May 7th and May 14th.

Continuing in our new tradition, Martin Hopkins, our in-house support guru, will be presenting part 3 of his Maps and Floor Plans webinars on Wednesday, May 6th. Part 3 will dive into Google Maps and Custom Maps. Then he’ll show you how to add custom map pins per node and how the interactivity between hotspots and map pins work. 

On Wednesday, May 13th,  Martin will start another series that will cover Variables and Logic Blocks

Register for the webinars here.

Finally, we’ve set up a separate mailing list for those who’d like to be notified every time we post a new webinar. 

Sign up for the mailing list here.