Pano2VR Webinars

Introducing Webinars

Last week, we trialed our first Pano2VR webinar and quickly learned we couldn’t wait to do another one.

Our next webinar will be this week, Wednesday, March 25th, at 16:00 GMT.

We will continue to have a webinar every Wednesday at 16:00 GMT. We hope that most people can make this time, but we do realize it’s not ideal for some. If you can’t make it, you can catch the webinar later, as we will be posting the videos to our website.

If you’d like to be alerted about upcoming webinars, keep an eye out for an announcement on our website, social networks, and the forum.

The webinar on March 25th will go over Polygon Hotspots and linking them to skin elements:

  • Adding Polygon Hotspots and linking them to nodes
  • Activating and deactivating polygon hotspots
  • Changing colors
  • Connecting to skin elements using Hotspot Proxy IDs (not as scary as it sounds)

Register here!

Thanks to everyone who registered and participated in last week’s webinar!