Street View Summit and IVRPA 2017

Greetings! Spring has arrived in Vienna and it reminds us that for us, summer is right around the corner. The warmer weather brings with it events – events we’re happy to be attending.

The first event is Google’s annual Street View Summit which takes place in Tokyo, Japan from May 10-11th. We are excited to be presenting here and looking forward to meeting a lot of new faces!

The second event that we’re also happy, as always, to be part of is the IVRPA conference from June 3-6th. This year it’s held on our home turf – the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria.

Vienna2017 – VR Photo and Video Conference

At both events, Thomas will be presenting the new features that will be introduced in Pano2VR version 6.

If you’ll be at any of these events, be sure to find us – we’re looking forward to meeting you!

Did you know…

…that you can save output templates?

You might find that you use the same output format and settings quite frequently. To help save you time and maybe headache trying remember which settings you used in the previous project, you can save output templates:

Set up your output settings (for any output format):

  1. Click the Save Template button.
  2. Give the Template a name.

When it comes time to use the template:

  1. Open the Output panel.
  2. Click the Add Output button and hover over Template.
  3. Select your template.
Saved Template
Saved Template

Learn more here.