Pano2VR 5.0.1 released

Here is a doozy of an update for you! It is our first bugfix release for Pano2VR 5.

On Windows you may get a “Connection Error” after checking for updates. In case this occurs, you will need to manually download the update. This bug has been fixed in this update.

That’s one fix, here is a sampling of the rest:

  • Fixed: The address bar in Safari was not hiding when an iPhone 4 / 5 rotated to landscape mode.
  • Fixed: Sound was not always playing after the initial tap on iOS.
  • Fixed: If you had a Text Box in a skin and set it’s text color, and also used CSS, the text’s color would assume the color defined in the page’s CSS.
  • Fixed: If you tried to hide a skin element using the Alpha parameter (setting it to 0), it would still be active within the skin.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, the tiles for a Flat input image were being constantly regenerated on output.
  • Fixed: The Min FoV – Pixels setting for Flat input images, was being ignored.
  • Fixed: Check for updates on Windows was displaying a connection error.
  • Fixed: Dutch was translation missing. (Sorry!)
  • Fixed: If you had tags with similar names like hall, hallway, hall1, all three would appear in the tag filter when you would search for hall.
  • Fixed: If a Logic Block is using simultaneous attributes it was not using the timer to change states.
  • Added: In the Animation Editor, you can now change the order of the clips and save that order.
  • Fixed: On Linux, you couldn’t change the program’s language from System Default.

You can download the latest version and read about the rest of the fixed bugs from the Pano2VR page.