Object2VR in the Wild — BRIGHT and airBaltic Training

Remember BRIGHT? We featured their work a few years ago for their Pano2VR projects.

Now, we are focusing on their work done with Object2VR. In their latest project, they created a unique training experience for airBaltic.


Using Object2VR, they created an object movie of an airBaltic Boeing 737. You can see how they did that with this time lapse:

airBaltic – Behind the Scenes airBaltic (Time Lapse)

They then use hotspots to load the training videos relevant to that area of the aircraft. There is a panorama embedded in the project and a few other object movies. We get asked quite frequently if object movies can be embedded in panoramas and vice versa. You can and it makes perfect sense for a project like this.


We encourage you to check out their other training projects for different aircrafts:

You can learn about how to do this by checking out Hopki’s post here.