Pano2VR in the Wild – Aerial Sphere

For this “in the wild” post we have aerials!

We’d like to highlight the projects created by Aerial Sphere. These guys are taking high altitude panoramas the old fashioned way…with helicopters.

Aerial Sphere is based in Phoenix, Arizona, which by default, provides them with plenty of photographic inspiration.

One project is a tour of the surrounding airports.


An airport that struck my fancy was the Pegasus Airpark (5AZ23). I didn’t know that there are neighborhoods designed for private jet use. Check out these homes; they park their planes in a driveway/apron that connects directly to the taxiway!

Here’s another fascinating sphere.


Altitude: 1000 feet/305 meters above ground level.

If you’re unfamiliar with the American Southwest, it is mostly a hot and arid climate. Phoenix, Arizona is located in the Sonoran Desert. So, if you don’t own a private plane perhaps you have a boat. And if so, you can have a private dock…in the desert! What I found interesting are all the swimming pools and their varying shades of turquoise.

Perhaps you’re thinking about attending the University of Arizona’s Tempe Campus. If so, this might be your home for a few years. Get acquainted.


Altitude: 800 feet/244 meters above ground level.

I should point out, that we really like what Aerial Sphere has done with their skins. They are simple and elegant and are great examples of what can be done in a skin.

I’ll stop now and let you explore for yourself. There’s a lot to see!