Creating a Desktop Application for Panoramas and Objects

Sometimes your client and/or project requires not only an offline project, but also one that doesn’t require a web browser when outputting to HTML5.

So, here’s a tip that helps tremendously with these situations. It utilizes a JavaScript platform, called NW.js and just using a bit of code, you can turn your project into a stand-alone player that will work on all system platforms. Don’t worry, it’s painless.

We’ve got a tutorial for Windows…

Windows Application For Panoramas & Objects

And one for Mac:

Mac Application to open Panoramas & Objects

The basic steps:

  1. Create and output your project.
  2. Download the nwjs app.
  3. Add some code to the app.
  4. Add your project to the app.
  5. Customize the app’s icon.
  6. Zip it up and send it to your client or copy to external media for kiosk playback.

Learn more: