WordPress/Joomla Plugins released

Today we proudly announce the first (beta) release of CMS plugins to easily put Pano2VR and Object2VR content on your WordPress or Joomla site.

The plugins can be downloaded for free from here. (The Drupal plugin will be available soon)

You can find the documentation here.

Output which can be used with these plugins has to be in our new GGPKG (Garden Gnome Package) format, which is just one single file. The latest beta versions of Pano2VR (V4.5 beta1) and Object2vR (V3.0 beta4) will have a template in the HTML output section, to output such files.

And last but not least, Martin has done a quick tip to get you started with the WordPress plugin.

CMS Plugins

Have lots of fun with our brand-new CMS plugins!