Object2VR 3.0 beta 2 released

We are happy to release a new beta version of Object2VR 3.0. The major new addition is multi resolution for HTML5. As this uses the canvas element you can check the browser compatibility at caniuse.com/canvas which shows everything green except ⇐ IE8.

Another big change is the new capture dialog and the switch to the newer Canon EDSDK 2.12 with 64bit support, so there is now no need to use the 32bit version anymore. The new SDK also supports the Canon 5D Mark II/III.

Object2VR release

A quick overview of the changes:

  • HTML5 multiresolution
  • Capture dialog redesigned (Object2VR studio)
  • New Canon EDSDK (Object2VR studio)
  • Faster project loading
  • Faster image download on Mac OS (Object2VR studio)
  • Basic color management
  • Convert project dialog

You can see the full list of changes in the change log.

To download the beta please visit the Object2VR download page.