Pano2VR 4.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of Pano2VR 4.0. If you have not followed the beta, then here is a recap of the new features in comparison to version 3.

From now on, there will be the regular Pano2VR license and the new Pano2VR pro license. The major difference between the licenses is the tour builder for managing an entire tour within one project. Pano2VR pro will also be unbranded.

Here is list of all the major new features:

  • Tour Builder (pro only)
  • Media editor for pinned (distorted) videos and images (Flash & HTML5)
  • Polygon hotspots (Flash & HTML5)
  • HTML5 fullscreen support
  • HTML5 support for Internet Explorer 10
  • Geotagging
  • Pinned Hotspots (Flash & HTML5)
  • Generic HTML5/Flash fallback player
  • Node markers and text boxes with scrollbars in the Skin

Martin created a short video to show you an overview of the new features.

We also updated the example page to show you some of the new features.

There are also some new tutorials for Building a Tour with Pano2VR Pro and the Media Editor. And several new tips for the HTML5 Flash fallback player, direct node access, finding and setting north and editing the master node. Over the next few weeks we will also update the documentation.


The new price for Pano2VR is 69 Euros (excl. VAT) and the pro version is 249 Euros (excl. VAT).

You can upgrade from Pano2VR 3.x to Pano2VR 4.x or from Pano2VR 3.x unbranded to Pano2VR 4.x pro.

If you bought a single user Pano2VR 3.x license after 1.1.2012 the update is free; otherwise the upgrade is 20 Euros for a normal single user license and 60 Euros for Pano2VR 3.x unbranded single user to Pano2VR 4.x pro.

For a multi user license please use the check for upgrade field to calculate your upgrade price.


  • Windows XP and up
  • Mac OS X 10.6 and up
  • Linux

You can download the new version from the Pano2VR download page.