Pano2VR 3.1.0 released

We are happy to release a new version of Pano2VR. While looking at the features we decided that this justifies a minor release number instead of just a 3.0.1 release. Of course this moved back the planned features for 3.1 to 3.2 as you can see in the updated roadmap.

The major new features are WebGL support for the HTML5 output so now Firefox >=4.0 and Chrome >=9.0 are also supported. Another highlight is the built-in web server to simplify local testing.

Here is the complete list of the new features:

  • Built-in web server
  • HTML5 WebGL support (Firefox, Chrome)
  • HTML5 Gyro support
  • HTML templates now use SWFObject
  • HTML5 multi-touch support for Android 3.1 and Blackberry Playbook
  • Hebrew and Greek translations
  • There have been also a lot of bug fixes. For instance, Flash panoramas work again in Flash 9/CS4.
  • We also did a lot of the improvements in every other part of the software.

To download this release please visit the Pano2VR download page.