Object2VR 2.0 beta 9 released

After way too long, we are happy to announce a new beta of Object2VR. The new features for this beta are:

  • HTML5 export
  • SWF and External elements in the Skin
  • Margins in the Skin
  • Updated Qt framework
  • Many bug fixes
  • New license model

As object movies don’t need any specific 3D features in HTML, the HTML5 exported object movies also work in older browsers, down to even Internet Explorer 6. Depending on the browser features not all functions may be available. In particular, the zoom/fullscreen and area hotspots require a modern browser. The HTML object movies work with all features on Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4, Safari 5, Opera 11 and mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone, Playbook and Android devices.

You can see some examples at http://ggnome.com/o .

We also changed the license model to match the new Pano2VR license model. If you already have an Object2VR license nothing changes. For new customers the licenses are now issued per seat and you can add the unbranded option.

To download this beta, please visit the Object2VR download page.