Pano2VR 3.0 released

We are very proud to announce the final release of Pano2VR 3.0 after almost 8 months in public beta. The major new features compared to 2.3 are:

  • HTML5 export (iPhone/iPad)
  • Multi Resolution
  • Transitions
  • Photoshop PSB/PSD and BigTIFF support
  • SVG/SWF objects in the Skin

We also did a lot of the improvements in every other part of the software. We like to thank everyone who beta tested and helped us to improved Pano2VR with their bug reports and suggestions.

To demonstrate some of the key features we created a short video:

Pano2VR 3 Quick Overview – Pano2VR 3.0

As Pano2VR 3 is a major new release, this is for the first time a paid upgrade, however if you bought Pano2VR 2 since 1.1.2010 the upgrade is free. To buy or upgrade your license please visit the license page.

To show you some of those new features we updated the examples page. You can also use the iPhone friendly shortcut:

To download this release please visit the Pano2VR download page.