Pano2VR 3.0 beta4 released

I am happy to announce a new beta version for Pano2VR. This time we had a really long bug list so it took a while. As I wanted to also fix the Photoshop BigTIFF bug on Mac OS, Adobe confirmed the bug in Photoshop but they have no work around and will not fix it until CS6. So we needed a new solution to import gigapixel images and as Adobe finally published the PSD/PSB format we went with that. Starting with this beta you can load/save PSD/PSB files in Pano2VR.

Another new feature in this beta are margins in the Skin. Margins allow you to place skin elements (for example the map) outside of the panorama. Martin was kind enough to produce a tip over the weekend to show margins in action.

To see the full list of changes, please go to the change log. To download this beta please visit the Pano2VR download page.