First Pano2VR 3.0 beta released

This is only a quick note that the first beta of Pano2VR 3.0 has been released. More information will follow soon.
The 2 big new features are HTML5 / CSS3 export and multi resolution in Flash.

The HTML5 player is a full feature panorama player, with point hotspots, full skin support (your Flash skins should work without changes), multiple resolutions for iPhone/iPad and Scaleable Vector Graphics (SVG) within the skin to use the high resolution display of the iPhone4.

The multi resolution export has built in image tiling, the tiles can be embedded within the SWF, and the tiles can be in different projections like cubic, equirectangular, cylindrical, flat.

You can see demos of these new features here: (iPhone friendly URL).

To import larger images also BigTIFF is now supported.
You can download free Photoshop import/export filters for BigTIFF here: (Windows/Mac). You have put those into your Photoshop plugin folder.

Pricing: The price is still 59 Euros (excl. VAT).
Upgrade: If you bought Pano2VR 2.x in 2010 the upgrade to 3.x is free, between 1.7. and 31.12.2009 it is 10 Euros (excl. VAT) and if you bought it before 1.7.2009 it is 20 Euros (excl. VAT).
This also means you can just buy Pano2VR 2.x (or upgrade from Pano2QTVR) and request your free key for Pano2VR 3.x.

To download Pano2VR 3.0 beta please visit the Pano2VR download page.