Pano2VR 2.3 beta 5 released

I just released Pano2VR 2.3 beta5.

The new features/changes are:

  • Flat (non distorted) images as input type and Flash output
  • Flash 9 export: 4 different field of view modes (vFoV, hFoV, dFoV, Max)
  • Support for tiled TIFFs as produced by PTStitcherNG.
  • New faster memory management for large images (~GPixel)
  • Skin: Hand cursor as option per element
  • Skin: Placeholders work also in value fields
  • Cylindrical Horizontal FoV now also in “Viewing Parameters” window
  • Update to Nokias Qt 4.6.0 which should be faster.

And of course bug fixes:

  • Sound: Some bugs with looping fixed
  • Odd PNG bug work around implemented
  • Flash HTML “externalize” fixed
  • Skin: Loading bar/OnLoaded works correct with external images
  • You can download the new version as always from the Pano2VR download page.