Pano2VR & Object2VR on Snow Leopard

Apple today released Mac OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard and I am happy to report that we didn’t found any issues with Pano2VR & Object2VR during the last weeks testing.

The only issue is QTVR & QuickTime 7 support because Snow Leopard by default only comes with QuickTime X and QuickTime X can not play QTVRs.

You have to manually install QuickTime 7 to have the proper player, otherwise you get a “Unsupported Format” error message. After you install QuickTime 7 you can choose which QuickTime version should be used to open the .mov file.

To install QuickTime 7 you need to hit “Customize” during installation and check “QuickTime 7″. You can also install QuickTime 7 afterwards by inserting the Snow Leopard disk and go to the “Optional Installs” package. In any case QTVR will still work in the browser because the browser plugin is still QuickTime 7.

For more info also look at

Obvious side note: Maybe now is a good time to switch from QuickTime to Flash because only Steve knows how long it takes before they drop QTVR entirely.