Pano2VR 2.3 beta 1 released

I am happy to announce that the first Pano2VR 2.3 beta has been released early this week. The major new feature is the addition of sound (see this demo) but this version contains a lot of other improvements.

Some of the new features are:

  • Background, directional and effect sound within the panorama (Flash 9/10 only!)
  • Effect sounds in the Skin
  • Sound controls within the Skin (Play/Pause/Stop, change volume)
  • Improved tree view within the Skin editor (hide elements, fold/unfold)
  • Improved drag & drop in the Skin editor with auto scrolling on the edges
  • Invert mouse wheel direction
  • Invert mouse control direction (for touch screens)
  • Skin: Start/Stop auto rotation action
  • “*” hotspot proxy to match all hotspots
  • Skin: UTF-8 support for setText action
  • Skin: Mouse X/Y as modifier value
  • Conversion keeps ICC profiles in TIFF files
  • Updated to Qt 4.5.1 library: This breaks older HTML templates. You need to check now for “true” instead of true if you use checkboxes
  • Crash bug in conversion fixed.

Karyn was kind enough to produce a quick introduction in record time.

You can download the new beta version (as always) from the Pano2VR download page.