Pano2VR 2.2.0 released

I just released Pano2VR 2.2.0.

As a remainder the main new features compared to 2.1 are:

  • Automatic Flash 10 rendering for Flash 9 panoramas
  • Domain lock + expiration date
  • Inline Hotspots: The next panorama is loaded inside the current Flash player
  • Point Hotspots: You can add point hotspots along QuickTime style area hotspots
  • Extended Skins with new actions and parameters
  • Designer point hotspots in the Skin editor
  • Automatic check for updates

The changes compared to 2.2 beta4 are:

  • Flash 9:Multiple domain locks: Use a list of domains separated with spaces
  • Skin: hide with alpha=0
  • video panorama fixed
  • dynamic user data: The user data changes with the next panorama
  • slide controller fixed
  • hotspot position for embed panoramas fixed

You can download the new version as always from the Pano2VR download page.

Please use the forum for feedback.