Pano2VR 2.2 beta released

I just released the first beta of Pano2VR 2.2.

New features are:

  • Flash 9 panoramas are using automatically the new Flash 10 rendering
  • Inline Hotspots: The next panorama is loaded inside the current Flash player
  • Point Hotspots: You can add point hotspots along QuickTime style area hotspots
  • Extended Skins with new actions and parameters
  • Designer point hotspots in the Skin editor
  • Hotspot Proxies; trigger events from hotspots in the skin

Some features like domain lock, expire time, mouse wheel lock didn’t made it in the first beta because lack of time but they will follow in one of the next 2.2 betas.

To see a demo you can go to the Pano2VR Flash tour example and you can download the new beta version as always from the Pano2VR download page.

For more detailed information and comments please visit the forum.