Pano2VR 2.1.1 with Flash 10 support released

Because the Flash 10 plugin is out and Pano2VR 2.2 is still 1-2 weeks away I decided to release a Pano2VR 2.1.1 with Flash 10 export. Flash 10 supports perspective texture mapping so all the “waviness” of Flash 8/Flash 9 panoramas is gone.

For the moment cylindrical panoramas and video are missing for Flash 10 and I also changed from Flash CS3 to Flex to generate the template code so not everything is tested yet, like for example the embedding into other movies. For that reason you need to enable Flash 10 export in the settings to use it. After that you will see also a “Flash 10″ option.

The generated Flash files works with Flash 9 and Flash 10. The new “waveless” rendering is automatically activated if the client has Flash 10 installed.

Other things change with Pano2VR 2.1.1:

  • Proxy icons in Mac OS X
  • “Recent files” in Skin editor
  • Norwegian translation
  • Bug in viewing parameters for partial panos fixed
  • Bug with undo in Skin editor fixed

For feedback please visist the forum.