Pano2VR 2.1 and large images

As I am back from Prague I have a little time to write about another nice new feature of the Pano2VR 2.1 beta. Pano2VR 2.0 used (for the most part) the Qt images library. This library required the whole image to be stored in the main memory. While remapping this means that also a second copy is completely in the memory and for loading and saving it needed another one.

With Pano2VR 2.1 the whole image library has been rewritten and replaced so now the image processing is tile base and those tiles can be stored on the hard disk while they are not needed. This allows much larger images to be processed. Now the maximal processable image size results from the used file formats. The maximum file size of TIFF files is 2 GB (no limits on dimensions), PNG is limited to 32.000 x 32.000 pixels and JPEG to 25.000 x 25.000.

I hope you find this new feature (in association with the patch tool) useful. Please use the forum to leave your comments.