Pano2VR 2.0 beta5 released

I am happy to announce the new beta5. The main new feature is the HTML export tab. Instead of a simple text replacement engine as in Pano2QTVR I created a much more powerful tool for HTML export.

The engine works similar to PHP with embed code in the document, but you can also create your own input fields within Pano2VR. The engine uses Javascript as the underlying scripting language. Some examples for the HTML export are included with the standard installer. Particularly the example for SPi-V demonstrate the power and the possibilities of this approach.

It should be easy to adapt this template for other players like the Flashpanoramas player.
The QTVR and Flash templates allow to change the different colors within the HTML file, show or hide the user data table, and include the option to embed background sound.

Other changes with beta5:

  • new “anchor” control
  • option to disable anti aliasing for remapping
  • option to edit each separate cube face in the hotspot editor to save memory
  • cube face export in the “remapping” output with different naming schemes and quality settings per cube face
  • many bugs fixes

The new version can be downloaded from here.

Click here to find out more.