Pano2QTVR version 1.0 preview 1 released

The main new features:

  • Object Movies: Virtual light table You don’t have to rename the images, an you can arrange them with drag & drop (also from the explorer)
  • Object Movies: unlimited viewstates and animation frames
  • Object Movies: grouped hotspots
  • Object Movies: the speed for animations & autorotations + the controller can be changed
  • Independent Stitcher, if the pano12.dll can’t be found. This also allows thumbnail stitching from cubefaces in one run without temp images in better quality
  • support for the anti aliasing filters in the pano12.dll
  • assembling tiles to other formats than TIFF
  • no temp files. You can now run more than one Droplet within a directory
  • more thumbnail types like mirrorball and sphere
  • Droplets can create Thumbnails and HTML-Files within one run
  • Checkbox for the QTVR-Flattener (=the Apple QTVR Optimizer)