Using GoodReader for Offline Viewing

This tip shows how to transfer HTML5 outputs from Object2VR or Pano2VR to your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad using GoodReader.

This will locally store the files so you can display your work without the need for an internet connection.

◊ NOTE: This tip assumes GoodReader is already installed on the device being used. It also uses the USB File Transfer method using iTunes, however files can also be transferred using WiFi, please see the GoodReader website for more information.

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Preparing the Project

The following aides the opening and closing of HTML5 outputs within the GoodReader App.

In either HTML5 settings of Object2VR, make sure that:

  • Toggle Fullscreen is selected which can be found under Advanced Settings in the HTML5 output.
    Goodreader 07.png
  • The Fullscreen option in the HTML tab is NOT selected.
    Goodreader 08.png

Transfer Files

To transfer HTML5 project files,

  1. First remove all the files that are not required to display the Object or Panorama. These will include the .o2vr or .p2vr files as well as skin and input images.
  2. Compress (ZIP archive) all the files needed in order to display the object or panorama.
  3. Rename the ZIP to something that will represent your project. The file name,, is used in the following example.
    Goodreader 01.png
  4. Open iTunes on your computer, connect your Apple device and click on its name under Devices.
  5. Click Apps, scroll to the bottom of the page and click GoodReader which will be under the heading File Sharing.
  6. Drag the ZIP file to the GoodReader Documents section to transfer the files to your device.
    Goodreader 02.png

Opening the files in GoodReader

Once the files have been transferred you can disconnect the Apple device from iTunes.

  1. Open GoodReader on your device.
  2. Unzip the archive by tapping on it and hitting “Unzip” in the pop up. This will create a folder named after your zip archive.
    Goodreader 03.png
  3. After unzipping, tap the folder and then tap the HTML page to open the Object or Panorama. In this example, the folder is called Tour.
    Goodreader 04.png
  4. When open double tap the Object or Panorama to go borderless fullscreen. (See Preparing the project)
    Goodreader 05.png
  5. To exit back to GoodReader’s My Documents, double tap the screen to exit fullscreen, then tap outside of the image area.
    This will then show the GoodReader menu that will link back to the folder, from which will link back to the My Documents section.
    Goodreader 06.png

If you cannot exit out of the panorama because there is no outside area to tap, it’s likely that the Toggle Fullscreen was selected in the Advanced Settings for HTML5 (See Preparing the project). Luckily, this can be fixed in a few short steps:

  1. Close GoodReader.
  2. Go to the device’s settings and scroll to find GoodReader.
  3. Select GoodReader and turn on Don’t open anything.
    Goodreader 09.png
  • The next time GoodReader is opened it will open in the My Documents section.

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