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Viewing Parameters (Pano2VR)

This is the documentation for Pano2VR 4. You can find the new documentation for Pano2VR 5 here.

Pano2VR - Help

Modifying the viewing parameters will let you set where, within the image, the panorama will open. You can also set the limits of field of view and viewing range.

Viewing Parameters

Introductory Video[edit]

This tutorial goes over modifying the viewing parameters.

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Watch this video on YouTube

Viewing Parameters/Limits[edit]

Set the default view by moving the image on the right side of the viewing parameter panel and then click Set. Don't like what you have chosen? No problem, just click Reset. Lost your spot? Not sure what you have set the default view to? No problem, just click, Go To.

Pan: The horizontal limit

Tilt: The vertical limit

FoV: The depth limit (zoom)

◊ TIP: If the image quality of the preview image is poor, go to Images tab in the settings/preferences and increase the Preview Equirectangular size.

Click the copy button, Copy-view.png, to copy the default view to all of the nodes in the tour.Pro V4.5 beta 1

Cylindrical Panorama[edit]

This section is only available when the input image is a cylinder.

Cylindrical Panorama settings

Horizontal FoV: Adjust the degree of the horizontal field of view.

Viewing Limits[edit]

These parameters can limit the viewing area of the panorama; how far a user can move the upwards, downwards, left and right.

Show Limits: Selecting this will reveal settings in the preview window. Set limits on how far right, left, up or down the image can move. Use the input boxes to enter values or move the movie to the limit and click set at the corresponding side to save the limit's position.

Ignore Limits in Preview: The limits that have been set here will not be applied to the preview image within this preview window.

Reset Limits: Click this to reset the viewing limit values to their defaults.

Field of View (Zoom)[edit]

Set the zooming limits of the movie; how far the user can zoom into the image or zoom out, hence narrowing or widening the field of view.

◊ TIP: Use the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom. If using an Apple trackpad, zoom with 2 fingers gesture up to zoom in and gesture down to zoom out.

Min FoV in: V4.5 beta 1

Minimum: Zoom in as far as preferred and click set to apply the setting.

Maximum: Zoom out as far as preferred and click set to apply the setting.

Reset Limits: Click this to reset the viewing limits values to their defaults.

Click the copy button, Copy-view.png, to copy the minimum and maximum zoom levels to all of the nodes in the tour. Pro V4.5 beta 1


Show north: Select to show a compass indicator. This can help with lining up the default view to a specific direction.

Pan: Change to rotate the direction indicators to their correct position within the image.

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