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User Data (Pano2VR)

This is the documentation for Pano2VR 4. You can find the new documentation for Pano2VR 5 here.

Pano2VR - Help

Use the User Data section to add information about the image. Information added here will appear in the outputted HTML template if selected to be included, and within the skin in a text box through the use of Placeholders. You can also add HTML tags to add a bit of styling to the text.

User Data

The following text fields are self explanatory.

Grey text represents text added to the Master Node.

Date and Time

For Latitude and Longitude, you can either manually add GPS coordinates or location data by clicking on Pin.png. You can then search for the location and drop a pin (right-click) on the map. The coordinates will be updated.


Tags: Type a tag followed by hitting, space, comma, tab, and the tag will be set and is ready for another to be added. Click the red X to delete the tag. The tags can be used to filter in the Tour Browser or within a Node Marker.


This tutorial was built with version 2.0 beta and is currently a bit outdated, but the basic workflow still exists.

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