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Tour Browser (Pano2VR)

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The Tour Browser (available in Pano2VR Pro), holds and organizes all the panoramas in a tour. Each panorama is represented by a thumbnail image.

Tour Browser

Learn how to use the Tour Browser.

The tour browser can be positioned or docked to any edge of the main project window by doing any of the following:

To undock the browser, just drag and drop it outside of the program window.

The Tour Browser Window[edit]

Filter: If tags have been added to the user data, they will show up here, in the menu. Tags can be used to filter the panoramas for easier viewing and organization.

Tags in the filter menu were added in User Data.

Thumbnail size: Use this slider to increase or decrease the size of the thumbnails in the browser.

Increased thumbnail size

Decreased thumbnail size

The Icons[edit]

Startpano small.png This icon indicates the starting panorama.
Warning.png This icon indicates that the panorama is not linked to any panoramas. To link the panorama, add hotspots.
Gps data.png This icon indicates that location data has been added to the panorama.
Pano placeholder.png This image is a placeholder or an "empty panorama." It appears in the tour browser at first launch and when when adding images via the Menu (Tour > Add Pano). Learn more on how to add images into the tour browser.

Tour Menu[edit]

Once the tour browser is opened, a new menu item will appear in the menu bar, called Tour.

Tour menu.png

Right-click context Menu[edit]

Context menu.png

Right-click on any image in the tour browser to bring up this menu:

Set as Start Panorama: This will set the selected panorama as the starting panorama in the tour series.

Remove Panorama from Tour: This will remove the image and it's settings from the tour.

Image Tooltip[edit]


This tooltip will appear when the mouse hovers over an image in the Tour Browser. It will give you the following information:

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