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Toolbar and Menu Bar (Skin Editor)

This is the documentation for Pano2VR 4. You can find the new documentation for Pano2VR 5 here.

However, this document is still valid for the current version of Object2VR!

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The toolbar is found at the top of the editor window and holds all the tools needed for adding and moving elements in the editor, zooming into the canvas and turning on Live Preview.

To add an element, do one of the following:

Selecting Cursor
Use this button to select the elements.
Draw Container
A container is an invisible element that allows you to group elements together in the tree or in the editor.
Draw Rectangle
Draws a rectangle shape.
Draw Text Field
Draws a text box.
Add Image
Add image4.png
Insert an image to your skin with this button.
Add Button
Add button4.png
Insert a button to your skin.
Add Scalable Vector Graphic
Skin svg4.png
Add a scalable vector graphic.
Add Flash SWF element
Skin swf4.png
This button lets you add a local SWF file to your skin.
Add external image or SWF
Skin external4.png
This button lets you add an external image or SWF file to your skin.
Add Hotspot Template
Use this button to add a hotspot template. (NOTE: This button is only available for Pano2VR. Object2VR does not support hotspot templates.)
Add Node Marker
Skin marker4.png
Use this button to add a node marker. Pano2VR only.
Click to perform an undo or click and hold to see a history.

To return to a previous state in the history, click on the undo button again. Click and hold to bring up a history panel. Click on a previous state to return to it.

Zoom in to the canvas up to 400%.
Click to select the current state of the skin.
Normal: Appearance when nothing is done.
Mouse Over: Appearance when mouse hovers over the image/object.
Selected: Appearance when clicked.
Live Preview
Click to show a real-time preview of the skin of how it will look and function within a browser.

Menu Bar[edit]

The menu bar is found at the top of the program's window in Windows and Linux or at the top of the screen in Mac OS.

Edit Menu[edit]

Elements menu[edit]

View menu[edit]

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