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Project Window (Pano2VR)

This is the documentation for Pano2VR 4. You can find the new documentation for Pano2VR 5 here.

Pano2VR - Help

The project window is the main workspace; it is where you import your images, add outputs, define viewing parameters, add user data, hotspots and media.

Pano2VR's Project Window

File Toolbar[edit]

The three icons in the top left corner of the window represent the following actions respectively (from left to right):

TIP1: The toolbar can be moved and docked to any edge of the project window. Click to the left of the icons, then drag and drop.

TIP2: Right-click within the Toolbar and select, File, to hide the Toolbar. If you have the Pro version (version 4.0), you can also hide the Tour Browser from this menu.

Hide toolbar.png


This section gives you a few options for importing your images.

Within the Input section, you can also add a patch to your image. Learn how to use the patch tool.

Choose Convert Input to convert your image to another image type, format, size, etc.

TIP: Right-click on the Project File, to open the file in either Finder or Explorer.


Viewing Parameters[edit]

In the viewing parameters section, you can define the default view, the viewing range of the panorama, and set North. Choosing Modify will open the viewing parameters editor.

User Data[edit]

Choosing Modify in this section will open a data input sheet where you can add metadata to the panorama, including GPS data and tags. More information can be found here.


Hotspots or interactive areas within the image, can be added to your Flash, HTML5, and QuickTime outputs.

Choose Modify to open the hotspot editor. Learn more about adding hotspots.


Use the media editor to add video, images and audio to your panoramas. Choosing Modify will open the media editor.


The output section is a project list that holds all your modified outputs (or panoramas to be exported).

New Output Format: Choose from the following output formats

Add: Click this button to open the format's settings window and add the output to the project list.

Open after creation: When this option is enabled, the movies will open (for viewing) after they have been rendered for output.

Create All: Click this button to output all the movies in the project list.

Tour Browser[edit]

The Tour Browser is available for Pano2VR Pro.

Pano2VR Pro's Project Window

The tour browser holds and organizes all the panoramas in a tour. Each panorama is represented by a thumbnail image.

If the browser is not already open, from the toolbar menu, choose Tour > Show Tour Browser.

Learn more about the Tour Browser and how to build a panorama tour with it.