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Preferences (Pano2VR)

This is the documentation for Pano2VR 4. You can find the new documentation for Pano2VR 5 here.

Pano2VR - Help

Pano2VR's user preferences pane can be found in the file menu. Choose File > Settings on Windows and Linux; and Pano2VR > Preferences on Mac OS.


P2VR 4 pref.png

Language: Choose from the following languages:



Closing (Mac only)

License Key: Add your license key here. When the license is added, <hidden> will be seen in the box. To return to Trial mode, simply delete this phrase, clearing the box. Also, to add a new key (e.g when upgrading), delete the old license by deleting <hidden> and pasting your new key.


Settings mac files.png

This section provides directory information. Click, Choose to change the where the following files should be stored.

Skin Directory: Skin directory location.

Template Directory: HTML Templates location.

Image Cache Location: This is where temporary files are stored during processing.


Web Server[edit]

Settings web serv.png

Pano2VR has an Integrated Web Server that allows for local viewing of the project.

Open HTML Output

Network access

Port: Choose your desired port or leave it at auto. The server will use a new port number every time it is restarted or the program is opened. A fixed port number can also be used making it possible to bookmark the page. We suggest using ports 8000 or 8080. For more information on port numbers please see w:List of TCP and UDP port numbers.


Settings win images.png

Interpolation Filter: Select the filter that is used for remapping operations. The different filters can sharpen or blur the image. Mitchell is selected by default.

Current interpolation filters

Preview Tile Size: This is the OpenGL cube face size of the preview window. This option allows you to change the resolution for the preview in all windows that have one: patch tool, viewing parameters, hotspot editor, and media editor. A higher resolution may slow down the interaction. The optimal value highly depends on the available memory on your graphics card.

Preview Equirectangular Size: same as Preview Tile Size, but for equirectangular panoramas.

Save Preview Image: Select this to save a preview image of the panorama on output. The saved image will have preview amended to the file name. This option is enabled by default.

Memory Size Hint: Pano2VR will automatically set this to half the physical RAM of your computer. You may also set this manually.
◊ TIP: If you add more RAM later, setting the value to 300 will force Pano2VR to recalculate the memory size hint.

Flash 9


Map Images Provider: Choose a map provider for use in both the HTML output and hotspot editor.



Settings mac ffmpeg.png

FFmpeg is a free software project that produces libraries and programs for handling multimedia data. Pano2VR can use FFmpeg to create poster frames when adding videos to the Media Editor (Pano2VR) (instead of getting the translucent checkerboard).

Executable: After downloading FFmpeg, click, Choose, and select the FFmpeg build you have downloaded. This tells Pano2VR where to find it so it can use the program to create the poster frames.

Exif Data[edit]

Settings exif.png

Here you can choose which of the Exif data you'd like to import.

Import to User Data: Select the following to import directly to the User Data (Pano2VR) fields.


Settings mac advanced.png

Input Preview: pro






Tour Browser pro

Skin Editor:

Warning Dialogs: Click Reset warnings to reset all pop-up dialogs so they are again displayed if selected to not pop-up again.

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