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Pointing a Virtual Tour

This is the documentation for Pano2VR 4. You can find the new documentation for Pano2VR 5 here.

Pointing opens the next panorama in the direction you are travelling or a direction other than the default view. This may be used to open each panorama facing the next hotspot to help guide the viewer through the tour.
(The following tip assumes you are using the provided project files.)

◊ TIP: This process has been made easier in Pano2VR pro using the Tour Browser.

Download Project Files
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  1. Open the node_01.p2vr project file and then open either the Flash or HTML5 output. The pointing.ggsk file should already be selected, if not use the drop down menu and select the pointing.ggsk skin file.
    Click Edit and open the Skin Editor, add a text box and enter the placeholder $ap to display the angle pan data.

  2. Output the tour.
    The text box is now displaying in real time the pan data of the panorama. At this point decide how the user should be guided through the tour. For example, in the direction they are traveling or towards a point of interest. This project will open each panorama in the direction of travel.

    Pointing tip image01.jpg

  3. Click on the point hotspot to open the node_02 panorama then rotate so the point hotspot is behind you.

    Pointing tip image02.jpg

  4. The text box is reading 90.4. Make a note of this and return to the node_01 panorama. Do the same as step 3 and make a note of the data.

  5. Now that the data has been collected, close the tour and open the Hotspot Editor of the node_01.p2vr project file. In the target field enter the data for the opening view for the node_02 panorama. The data in the target text field is written so the Pan, Tilt and Field of View can be used, (P/T/FoV). The default for the tilt is 0 and the field of view (FoV) is 70. Click OK and click the Create All button to save the hotspot data.

    Pointing tip image03.jpg

  6. Open the node_02.p2vr file and do the same as in step 5 except enter the target data for node_01.
    The pointing is now set for the two panoramas and as you can see, unique data can be set for all hotspots. This means different opening views can be set up for the same panorama depending on which direction the user enters.

  7. Before the final output, remove the text box that was added to the skin in step 1 as it is no longer required.

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To make this process easier, we suggesting using Pano2VR pro.