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Patch Tool (Pano2VR)

This is the documentation for Pano2VR 4. You can find the new documentation for Pano2VR 5 here.

Pano2VR - Help

The patch tool allows you to non-destructively extract and modify only a specified area of the image without having to remap and convert the whole image.

The Patch Tool


Use this section to position the area to be extracted. Use your mouse to move the image to the right. As you move the image, the values of each parameter will change.

Pan: This is the position of the image on the horizontal axis.

Tilt: This is the position of the image on the vertical axis.

Roll: The rotation of the image on a central axis. To move the roll position, adjust the value to the left. Currently, this cannot be done with the mouse.

FoV: The area of the image that is visible - also described as Zoom. Scroll up and down to zoom in and out, creating a narrow or wide field of view.

Grid: Select show to activate the grid lines. The grid is helpful for lining up your patch. You can add or remove as many gridlines as you like by entering the number or using the up/down arrows.


Use this section to determine the type and destination of the extracted file.

Type: Choose the type of image to be extracted. Image, Mirrorball, Angular Map, Sphere.

Format: PNG, TIFF and JPEG are the available formats to choose from. This is only available when your Type is set to Image.

Image Quality: The JPEG quality of the image.

File: Name the patch here or open a new version of a patch.

Extract: Click to extract the portion of the image as defined in the position section. (Clicking, OK, will also extract the image.)

Insert: Click this button when replacing or adding a patch image.

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