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Pano2VR Workflow

This is the documentation for Pano2VR 4. You can find the new documentation for Pano2VR 5 here.

Pano2VR - Help

This page outlines a general workflow for a project in Pano2VR. The following video will give you a quick overview of the software and how to use it.

Pano2VR does not stitch the images. You must first bring your images into stitching software to create the correct projection (i.e. equirectangular) before importing them into Pano2VR. For more information, see the links below in See also.

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  1. Open Pano2VR.
    01 open pano2vr.png
  2. Import your panoramic image.
    02 import.png
  3. Modify the viewing parameters.
    03 p2vr view para.png
  4. Add metadata.
    Workflow user data.png
  5. Add hotspots for interactivity and virtual tours.
    05 p2vr hotspots.png
  6. Add media; video, image and sound.
    06 p2vr add sound.png
  7. Choose an output format: QuickTime, Flash, HTML5, Transformation.
    07 p2vr output.png
  8. Adjust the settings for the selected output.
    08 p2vr flash.png
  9. If outputting to Flash and/or HTML5, add a skin.
    Skin editor.png
  10. Output the panorama.
  11. Share your panorama if you wish by, for example, embedding it in a webpage.

See also[edit]

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