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Packaging Flash Files for CD or Memory Stick

This is the documentation for Pano2VR 4. You can find the new documentation for Pano2VR 5 here.

However, this document is still valid for the current version of Object2VR!

This tip shows how to package the Flash output from either Object2VR or Pano2VR ready to burn to a CD or copy to any external storage device (like a USB flash drive) using the Flash Player Projector. This will enable the project to be displayed on a computer even if it does not have a flash player.

◊ NOTE: Modern Flash Player Projectors have this feature disabled. To use this feature you must download an older version which can be found here Adobe Flash Player Support Center The version required is Flash Player 10.3 Projector. Download the version for your platform.

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Produce the Flash output as normal from either Object2VR or Pano2VR. However there is no need to have an HTML page as it will not be used. Any external files that are required for the project, such as MP3 files, are put in a folder with an appropriate name. In this example, the name, Resources, has been used. The following image shows the folder with only the required files.
Projector 01.png

To create the Projector follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the first, opening SWF file; in this case Park_01_out.swf with the Flash Player Projector.
  2. From the menu, select File > Create Projector.
    Projector 02.png
    Projector 03.png
  3. Give the Projector file a name that represents the project; in this example, Tour, will be used. Then save it to the project folder.
    Projector 04.png
    Projector 05.png
  4. Burn or copy all the files to a CD or flash drive (or any other external media storage).

As the SWF files will not be embedded in an HTML page, it is possible to use the Fullscreen action to display the project in fullscreen mode. To do this just add the action, Source = Loaded; Action = Toggle Fullscreen, anywhere in the skin. The example has this in the Fullscreen Button. If this is going to be used, make sure there is text that tells the viewer how to exit fullscreen mode when the project first opens.

◊ NOTE: It is possible to have both .app and .exe files on the same CD or memory stick. If the project has only one SWF file, this will be embedded in the projector file and can be deleted. For a multi-node project, such as a virtual tour, you need to keep all the SWF files

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