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Intern:Creating a Video Panorama

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Creating a 360ยบ Video Panorama

To create a video panorama with Pano2VR you will first need to have a stitched video panorama (see: Video Stitch). You can then load this movie into our Panoramic Video Wizard (found in the Tools menu).

The Panoramic Video Wizard is a tool that will quickly convert your stitched video panorama first into the 3 x 2 format required by Pano2VR. The conversion process is laid out is 3 steps: extract the frames, convert the images and encode.

To convert a stitched video:

  1. In step one, choose the stitched video panorama to be converted and the desired folder for the extracted images.
  2. Click, Extract Images. Once the images are extracted, you can move on to step 2.
  3. In step 2, first choose the desired size of the cube face. The cube face size will determine the frame size of the video (Video Size).
    If you see a warning symbol, it will be one of two things; either the cube face size is too large for older Flash versions or the size is not divisible by 16. Neither will prevent you, though, from generating your files. Hover your mouse over the symbol to see the warning.
  4. Choose the folder location for the converted images. This can be the same folder as the extracted images. Each image will be renamed.
  5. Now in step 3, choose a format and customize the encoding.
    ◊ TIP: Increasing the data rate (Video Bitrate) will result in an increase in file size.
  6. Choose the output destination and file name for Output Video File.
  7. Hit, Generate Output Video.

Now you can generate the SWF for Flash playback:

  1. In the Main Project Window, import a non-transformed image (an image that has not been converted to the 3x2 format) from the image sequence.
  2. Go to the viewing parameters section and modify the viewing limits, for example, so the black hole created by the tripod/stand is not visible during viewing. Do this by going to the viewing limits section and selecting Show Limits. Tilt the image down so the black hole or tripod legs are no longer visible and then click the Set button for the bottom limit.
  3. Click, OK. A dialog box will appear asking you if you would like to save the current settings as the default view. Choose No.
  4. Choose Flash for the output format.
  5. In the settings for the Flash output, choose the video controller in the skin section.
    You can also create your own controller.
    Vid cont.png
  6. Finally, in the HTML settings tab, enable the HTML file and choose the normal template.
  7. If needed, scroll down and add the video file (FLV) you created earlier to the field labeled, Panorama Video File.
    Add flv.png

  8. Click OK to output.

That's it!

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