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Input - Select, Patch, Convert (Pano2VR)

This is the documentation for Pano2VR 4. You can find the new documentation for Pano2VR 5 here.

Pano2VR - Help

The Input section is where you bring your image into Pano2VR. You can also patch an image and convert the image within this section.

Input Section

Select Input[edit]

Select Input sheet


Type: You can either let Pano2VR figure out which type of image is being imported by choosing Auto, or you can choose for yourself from the menu:


Panorama: Click, Open, to navigate to the panorama to be imported.

Area Hotspots: Click, Open, to navigate to an area hotspot file.

Patch Input[edit]

When importing an image that you wish add to or extract a patch from, choose Patch Input after importing your panoramic image. This window will appear:


Choose Add to continue on to the patch tool window:

Patch Tool.png

For more information on how to use the Patch Tool, visit the Patch Tool guide.


Use this section to position the area to be extracted. Note that you can choose from Pan, Tilt, Roll and FoV (field of view).


Use this section to determine the type and destination of the extracted file.

Type: Choose the type of image to be extracted. Image, Mirrorball, Angular Map, Sphere.

Format: PNG, TIFF and JPEG are the available formats to choose from. This is only available when your Type is set to Image.

Image Quality: The JPEG quality of the image.

File: Name the patch here or open a new version of a patch.

Convert Input[edit]

After you import your image to Pano2VR, you can choose to convert that image to a different projection. To convert your image, click, Convert Image, in the Input section of the main project window.

When you click the Convert Image button you will see a Format sheet:

Image conversion parameters

Type: Choose from a variety of different projection formats to convert your inputed image.

Projection types available

Cube Face Size: Set the size of the cube face in pixels.

Format: Choose the format/extension of the image from the menu.

Available extensions for conversion
When converting to Cube Faces, a new menu will appear giving you the option to choose the naming convention of the faces.
Naming conventions for cube face conversion.

Image Quality: Choose the JPEG quality of the image. This option is only available for the JPEG formats.

Patches: If you have created patches for the inputted image, you can choose to the apply those same patches to the converted image. This option is only available when patches have been applied.

Output File: Here you can change the name of the outputted file and it's location. The name of the original image will be applied to the converted image. If a new output location is not chosen, the converted image will be saved to the same directory as the original image.

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