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Hotspot Editor 2.0 (Object2VR)

Object2VR - Help

Legacy document. The Hotspot Editor was updated in version 3.0. See: Hotspot Editor (Object2VR)

You can add areas of interaction, called area hotspots to your object movies. They are not visible; except as tooltips on mouse overs.

Object2VR's Hotspot Editor

Enable: Select this to "turn on" the hotspot editor.

Reuse Hotspots: If the hotspots you will be adding should be visible on every image, select the appropriate choice(s): Columns or/and Rows.

Hotspot section[edit]

ID: The hotspot's unique identification. Click this button, New hotspot.png, to add a new hotspot.

Image: This menu will display a list of all the images available to draw hotspots.

Title: Add the title of the hotspot. This title will be visible when the mouse pointer hovers over the hotspot.

Url: You can add a web URL or if you would like to open another panorama, place the file name of the panorama here. When the user clicks on the hotspot they will be directed to the site or image specified.

Target: Add a target to specify where to open the website or file.

Zoom: Zoom in to your image for easier placement of the hotspot.

Tool: Use these tools to draw your hotspot area.

Use this to manually draw your hotspot editing area.
Use this to draw a rectangular hotspot area.
Rounded Rectangle
Rounded rectangle.png
Draw a rectangle with rounded edges for the hotspot area.
Use this tool to draw the hotspot as an ellipse.
Draw a polygon shape for the hotspot.
Use this tool to erase the hotspots. Then choose a shape tool to draw over the hotspot to be erased. The hotspot shape will then turn blue and the erasing shape will be red.

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