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FAQ (Pano2VR)

Pano2VR - Help

Here you'll find a list of the most frequently asked questions about Pano2VR. This list is currently incomplete, but will be continually updated.

If you're looking for the general FAQ section, please click here.


What is Pano2VR Pro and what is the difference between it and Pano2VR?[edit]

With version 4, we released the Pro version of Pano2VR. The Pro version allows for a more streamlined and easy way to build tours. It is also unbranded, where the regular version is not. To learn a bit more, please see this article.

I'm an advanced user. Where can I find more in-depth tutorials?[edit]

We have a collection of tips that are aimed at the advanced user. You can find all tips here. Currently, this list includes all tips for both Pano2VR and Object2VR.

Panorama Creation[edit]

What is a panoramic image and how to do I make one with Pano2VR?[edit]

A panoramic image has a very wide angle view. In order to acheive this wide angle, many images are needed. These images are then stitched together.

Pano2VR does not create the panoramic image but rather, it allows you to build an interactive version of it.

I'm just getting started and I've just taken my images. What's the next step?[edit]

Fantastic! Welcome to the world of VR photography! If you are planning to create, for example, an interactive full-spherical panorama, your next step would be to stitch those images together to create, for instance, an image with a an equirectangular projection in which its width is twice as long as its height (e.g.: 4000px wide by 2000px high).

I've loaded my indiviual, non-stitched images into your software but it doesn't work![edit]

Whoa, whoa...lets step back here. That's great that you've gotten this far, but there's one more step you need to finish before importing your images into Pano2VR.

To create an interactive panorama image with Pano2VR, you must first stitch those images together using stitching software. There are a lot of great programs available and here's just a few to choose from:

I want to learn more about panoramic photography, do you have any resource suggestions?[edit]

There are a lot resources on the topic. But here is a shortlist we suggest:

From these you will find many more resources.


How can I recover the normal.ggt HTML template in Pano2VR?[edit]

You can recover the shipped template files by renaming the HtmlTemplate folder (click for more).

What is the cube face size and what is the best setting for good image quality?[edit]

Forum moderator, 360Texas, sums this question up really well. Click here to read.

I've loaded a large file into Pano2VR and the preview only shows a few pixels.[edit]

You've run out of memory and are now using virtual memory. Change the Image Cache Location to a hard drive with more space.

Pano2VR crashes while opening the Viewing Parameters/Point Hotspots window - or - The Viewing Parameter/Point Hotspots window is black.[edit]

The problem is the OpenGL support of your graphics driver. Try to install a newer/older/different version of your graphics driver. Both, the viewing parameters and the hotspot editor use OpenGL to display the panorama.

Skin Editor[edit]

The loading bar for the next panorama does not appear.[edit]

In the skin editor, add the following action to the existing loading bar:

Source = Reload; Action = Show Element; Target = $self

Must I add a skin to every panorama within a virtual tour?[edit]

No, for Flash virtual tours, projects with multiple SWF files, you only need to add the skin to the first, opening panorama.

Flash Output[edit]

On Flash output, does Pano2VR convert the image to sRGB color space?[edit]

No. Pano2VR does not convert the color space of the Flash output. Flash only supports sRGB. To avoid seeing any color shift, be sure that the images imported into Pano2VR are in the sRGB color space.

What are the recommended settings for sound files?[edit]

Only MP3 files can be used. We suggest encoding your audio with a sample rate of 44.1 kHz and a bit rate of at least 192 kbps. For more information on this subject, please refer to the documentation.

Why are the links not working?[edit]

The Flash security settings don't allow local access to files or links to external website. You need to upload the panoramas to a web server or change the local security settings and allow Flash to access your files [4].

Why is the Fullscreen button not working?[edit]

In order for the fullscreen button to work, you need to set the parameter "allowFullScreen" to "true" in your HTML file (see here). The HTML file export in Pano2VR produces the proper file. To export the HTML file, go to the HTML tab and choose Enable.

Why is my large image only partly loaded?[edit]

When loading gigapixel images, it's possible to run out of temporary memory on your system's temp directory. This is evident when only a part of the image is visible in the main project window. Go to the Preferences/Settings and change the Image Cache Location to a hard drive with more available space.

HMTL5 Output[edit]

I'm using SVG images, but on playback the images are missing (icon with blue box and question mark). What's wrong?[edit]

The problem here is that your website reports the wrong MIME-Type for SVG files. Please have a look at our documentation for the solution.