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Drupal Plugin

Install the Drupal Plugin[edit]

  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Log in to the administration area of your Drupal site.
  3. Go to Modules > Install new module.
  4. Upload and install the Drupal plugin file (
  5. You can find the Plugin in the Media section of your Modules page. Make sure it is enabled.
  6. Now go to Configuration > Development > Performance and click Clear all caches.

Add GGPKG Field to an Article or any other Content Type[edit]

  1. Go to Structure > Content types > Article.
  2. Click Manage Fields.
  3. Under Add new field, specify a name for the field, like GGPKG.
  4. Under Field Type, select Gardengnome Package.
  5. Under Widget, also select Gardengnome Package.
  6. Click Save.

Add a Package File to an Article[edit]

How to create the GGPKG.

  1. Create a new article by choosing Content > Add content > Article.
  2. On the Create Article page you will now find a section, GGPKG - or whatever name you specified for the GGPKG field.
  3. Select and upload your .ggpkg file.

Change Display Settings of the GGPKG field[edit]

  1. Go to Structure > Content types > Article.
  2. Click Manage Display.
  3. Click the gear icon next to the GGPKG field.
  4. Specify the settings for the GGPKG Player:
    • Preview image style: Set the player's dimensions. You can specify your own dimensions under Configuration > Media > Image styles.
    • Display style: Choose between Inline and Popup. Inline displays the GGPKG content directly inside the article. Popup displays a preview image and a popup window opens when the image is clicked.
    • Autoplay: Defines if the player starts immediately on page load. When not selected, a preview image is displayed instead, which has to be clicked to start the player.
  5. After you have changed settings, click Save at the bottom of the screen.

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