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Command line (Pano2VR)

This article describes the current command line options for Pano2VR.

pano2vr [-x] [-t <filename.p2vr>] <input file> <input file> ...

-x: This option executes the following input files. If the input file is a .p2vr file the result is the same as hitting the "create all" button. If the input is a .mov QuickTime VR movie the output is a Flash 9 panorama with all the settings (Default view, Hotspots, Userdata) taken from the QuickTime VR

-t <filename.p2vr>: This option selects a .p2vr file as a template. For all subsequent input images a "create all" is executed on this image. The input section in the template file is ignored..

<input file>: This can be an image or file format supported as an input for Pano2VR. Currently these are JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg), TIFF (.tif, .tiff), PNG (.png), and QuickTime VR (.mov) files.