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Clickable Nadir Logo

This is the documentation for Pano2VR 4. You can find the new documentation for Pano2VR 5 here.

Learn how to create a clickable nadir logo using point hotspots in both Pano2VR and Pano2VR pro.

Clickable Nadir Logo in Pano2VR[edit]

Here, we are applying the technique to a single panorama in Pano2VR.

  1. Open a Pano2VR project with a loaded panorama.
  2. Go to the Hotspot Editor.
  3. Tilt the image down so it's pointing at the Nadir.
  4. Select Point Hotspot as the hotspot type.
  5. Add the hotspot at Nadir.
  6. Add, logo (or something similar) to the Skin-ID.
    This is so the correct hotspot template is added to this hotspot.
  7. Go to the Hotspot List tab and change the Tilt to -90ยบ.
  8. Click, OK to save.
  9. Add an output format.
  10. Add a skin (i.e. the simplex.gskk skin).
  11. In the Skin Editor, drag the logo into the editor.
    In our example, we're using a PNG format and it's about 100px in width.
  12. With the logo still selected, go the Appearance section and select, Hand Cursor. This will indicate to users that the logo is interactive because the mouse pointer will changed to a hand cursor.
  13. Change the Alpha value to 0.500.
    We do this so that when the mouse enters the logo, it fades in and when it leaves, it fades out.
  14. Add the following actions:
    • Source = Mouse Enter; Action = Change Element Alpha; Alpha = 1; Target = $self
    • Source = Mouse Leave; Action = Change Element Alpha; Alpha = 0.5; Target = $self
  15. Add a hotspot template to the Editor.
  16. In the Position section for the template, change the ID to logo.
    This will now link the hotspot we added in the Hotspot Editor to this image.
  17. Add the following actions to the template so that when clicked on it launches a website:
    • Source = Mouse Click; Action = Go To URL; URL =; Target = _blank
  18. Move the hotspot template to the center of the logo.
  19. Make the logo a child of the template in the Tree.
  20. Save the skin.
  21. Output the project.
  22. Test it out!

Clickable Nadir Logo in Pano2VR pro[edit]

If you're using Pano2VR pro, you can add the clickable logo to the Master Node which will add it to all nodes.

Rather than adding the point hotspot to every node in a tour, you can add it to the Master Node instead. This will copy the hotspot to all the nodes.

  1. Go to Tour and choose Edit Master Node.
  2. Go to the Hotspot Editor.
  3. Rotate to the Down position and add a point hotspot.
  4. Add a Skin-ID.
  5. In the Hotspot List, change the Tilt to -90.
  6. Hit OK.
  7. Add an output format, skin and hotspot template to the project. (Follow steps 9-20 from above).
  8. Click on one of the nodes in the tour browser to return to the project.
  9. Output the tour. Now, all nodes should have the same clickable logo.

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