The Skin Editor’s Color Tool

The Color Tool lets you quickly change the colors of a skin or a selection of elements. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to colorize single elements as well as multiple elements. Then you’ll learn how to include them in the Skin Configuration so a skin’s color can be changed without opening the Skin Editor.

Styling Skin Elements

In this webinar, Martin will give you a short introduction to CSS, and then he’ll show you where to look for CSS code and how to implement it in your Pano2VR projects.

Building Professional Skins

You’ll learn how to construct skins that provide customization options similar to our built-in skins. Building them in this way, making use of the Skin Configuration button, gives you the opportunity to sell skins where the purchaser can then use the skin in many projects being able to customize it.

Building Menus

In this webinar you’ll learn not only how to build thumbnail menus for node navigation, but how to build menus for mouse and touch screen control, and how to use menus for changing to different views.

Skin Element Modifiers

You’ll learn about skin modifiers, found in the Skin Editor, and how to use them, including how to adjust the width of a radar beam, create tooltips that follow the mouse pointer, and how to create custom cursors.

Pano2VR 101 | Customization

Pano2VR ships with two, built-in skins or overlays. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to customize them to match the look and feel of your project.